/A is for Avocado

A is for Avocado

AThey’re green. They’re a little slimy and they’re covered in a layer that – to me – resembles the skin of a dinosaur.

So you can imagine why it’s taken more than 20 years for me to want to try an avocado.

But, seeing as it’s on my 30 Things before end of 2014 list, and today is the start of April’s Blog A-to-Z Challenge…beginning with the letter A, I’ve decided there’s no better time than any to try my first avocado.

photo 3Last night I decided to make lunch for today, comprising: smoked mackerel, green olives, crispy kale, aubergine, halloumi, mushroom, sweet potato, and of course some alligator pear avocado.

Just running my hand over the lumpy exterior made my skin crawl. Slicing into the fruit and/or vegetable with such ease also made me shiver. When the skin peeled back, this bright flash of green came into sight and took me by surprise. But, being a trooper, I continued to slice the avocado and add it to my salad.

It is now 1pm on Tuesday 1 April and I’m about to try it for the first time. MOMENT OF TRUTH.

**Waits with bated breath as I lift the lid off the salad box**

Well, the texture is weird but it’s not too bad. I don’t know whether to enjoy it or feel underwhelmed…I can’t really taste anything. Strange isn’t it that when you build up something like fear of food so much in your mind, you’re filled with disappointment when you find you actually enjoy it?

The verdict is that I no longer want to fear avocado. It complements my salad in both appearance and texture, and I have to admit that I am enjoying eating it all.

Maybe if I eat it by itself just scooping it I’ll have a different opinion? I don’t think I’m ready yet for avocado on toast like those hard core eaters out there.

Since I declared I hadn’t tried it before, not only was I met with looks of disgust, I was also bombarded with comments from people about why avocado is so good for you. I’ve heard that it’s an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and natural fats, and also that:

  • Avocados may help lower cholesterol
  • Avocados may reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, and coronary artery disease
  • Avocados may promote a healthy body weight and BMI
  • Avocados may help prevent cancer

So, not all bad ay? Are there any foods you’re afraid to try?


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