/U is for Disney’s Ursula

U is for Disney’s Ursula


I admit that in the past I’ve been nasty. They weren’t kidding when they called me, well, a witch.” – Ursula.

One Disney character that gets overlooked is probably one of my favourites. Funny thing is I probably wouldn’t have said that all those years ago when I first watched The Little Mermaid, but I’ve grown up a little since then.

The main antagonist in the 1989 Disney film, Ursula is a plump light lavender-skinned, white-haired female human with black octopus-like tentacles from the waist down.

ursulaI like her because she isn’t one dimensional like a lot of characters in cartoons. She is a very dark and sinister villain with a fantastic sense of humour. She isn’t just a villain because she’s mean, she’s a villain because she’s manipulative and has a talent of being persuasive when she wants something.

In the middle of a field of underwater lava tubes and fissures, Ursula lives in a leviathan (an enormous skeleton of a sea monster or whale), lined with a garden of writhing, green polyps – which all actually used to be mer-people.

What makes her incredibly interesting is that the design of her character was based upon drag performer Divine. Her character has also been described as part Shakespearean actress, with all the flair, flamboyance and theatricality, and part used-car salesman with a touch of con artist. Doesn’t that sound crazy enough to be good?

And did I mention that she has magical powers?

What’s your favourite Disney character?


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