/Z is for Zippa-dee-doo-dah

Z is for Zippa-dee-doo-dah

ZWhen you were younger on the toilet, did you ever keep the bathroom door open?

We used to. It’s funny now but I was always scared. I was scared I might fall down the toilet, so the door had to be open for someone to run in and help me. I was scared someone would crawl down from the loft in the bathroom and attack me, so I needed the door open to escape. I used to watch The X Files a lot and always imagined the character Tombs to crawl up from the toilet. That one just freaked me out the most.

cute-feet-danglingIf I needed to pee in the middle of dinner, for some reason I wouldn’t turn on the hallway lights but I’d run upstairs because I was scared of the dark (because that makes sense?) and sit on the toilet with the bathroom door wide open so I could hear the noise of everyone downstairs which would make me feel less scared.

But, sitting on the toilet with my feet dangling, I used to peep downstairs because it was opposite the bathroom and I would be terrified I’d see something start to crawl upstairs. Sometimes I swear my mind used to trick me and I’d see things move in the dark.

You’d think the solution would be to either turn the lights on in the hallway or…just close the bathroom door. But no, I’d sit on the toilet, feet dangling, arms a swinging as I’d sing Zippa-dee-doo-dah over and over again until I’d done my business.

Strange isn’t it, the things we do or think of to protect ourselves or to make ourselves more confident. Even now, I can hear the song in the back of my head if I need to approach something scary or walk into a situation I’m not familiar with.

What do you do when you’re scared of something?



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